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Hubhood is a modern WordPress directory theme with premium features built-in, which you can use to create your own directory of listings from scratch, no coding skills needed. You can organize these listings by categories and regions, inform amenities, publish galleries of photos and multiple videos, inform operating hours, register addresses (locations) to generate maps, write reviews and so on.


  • Built-in free and paid listing packages.
  • Built-in reviews.
  • Built-in bookmarks.
  • Built-in listing claim.
  • Front end listing submission.
  • Private messages for listing owners.
  • Simple and objective User dashboard.
  • Filter by nearby listings (geolocation).
  • Advanced filter for multiple listing terms (multiple regions, categories, etc).
  • QR Code for listing pages
  • One-click demo import
  • Custom Hubhood widgets included.
  • Built-in social share.
  • Multiple operating hours for listings.
  • Gallery of images and videos for listings.
  • Customizable email templates.
  • Free and paid listings: make profit with listing packages and claims.
  • Several theme options and customizer controls.
  • Append categories, regions and amenities for listings.
  • Price ranges.
  • 1300+ Google Fonts.
  • 2300 predefined Icons.
  • Change all theme colors with one click.
  • Integrated with Mapbox (geolocation, reverse geolocation and map API.
  • Map geolocators: Google Maps, Mapbox, Here, Bing, OpenStreetMap.
  • Standard child theme included.
  • Use any payment method supported by Woocommerce.
  • W3C Validated: HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Translation ready, use Loco Translator.
  • Seo friendly, best coding practices.
  • Powered with Bootstrap 5.
  • Responsive and retina ready.
  • Cross browser compatible and widely tested in varied devices.
  • Integrated with WP Job Manager.
  • Integrated with Woocommerce.
  • Easy to use, no coding knowledge required.
  • Extended/detailed documentation.
  • Compatible with Gutenberg.

Well Documented

We dedicated huge time to bring detailed info, clarify general doubts and organizing quickie step by step procedures to make things more easy for everybody. Customize your site as you wish, you will see how practical will be your journey with Hubhood.

No Hidden Costs

All functionalities of the theme preview are built-in, no additional purchases of third party plugins.

Theme Preview Images Not Included

All images of the theme preview(s) are only for demonstration purposes and aren’t included on the final package. After install the theme and (optionally) import the demo content, all the images will be empty (grey).


Jan 10, 2024 – Version

> Quick Fixes : Varied quick fixes for issues reported by customers in the last 60 days, mostly related to PHP 8.2, Woocommerce, WP Job Manager, plugin licenses and design. If you have reported any issue "very" recently and the fix is not provided with this theme version, please report again and it will be fixed in 24 hours.

Sep 14, 2023 – Version 1.5.4

> Added : Set allowed listing categories per listing type. Useful if you need different listing categories for every listing type. Edit any listing type to see the new listing category selector.

> Added : Solutions for Developers - Rewritable PHP Functions. Use the Hubhood Child theme to rewrite/modify PHP functions of the theme or Hubhood Addons plugin. See the documentation for instructions.

> Added : Solutions for Developers - Rewritable PHP Files. Use the Hubhood Child theme to rewrite/modify PHP files of the theme or Hubhood Addons plugin. See the documentation for instructions.

> Quick Fix : PHP 8.0 unstable return for INPUT_SERVER / REQUEST_METHOD via filter_input(), related to Private Message form submissions.

Aug 02, 2023 – Version

> Added : New theme option to set date format for listings.
> Added : Backend listing stats.

> Quick Fix : Replaced deprecated WP Job Manager hook for Ajax uplodad.

Jul 27, 2023 – Version

> Added : Theme options to disable listing type and listing package selectors before creating/editing a listing via WordPress backend. Not recommended, but requested by varied customers. In case your site is using listing types/packages: please notice that the listings without these settings will use the fallback/standard listing submission form and standard/generic listing blocks/features.

> Quick Fix : New URL pattern for Youtube channel links (
> Quick Fix : Ajax upload for recent WP Job Manager updates.

Jul 11, 2023 – Version

> Added : Watermarks Post Type to set multiple watermark effects for cards.
> Added : Theme Option to disable geolocation button (Search and Archive menu).

> Quick Fix : Issue with reviews disabled for listings.
> Quick Fix : Regex issue related to listing descriptions and oriental characters.
> Quick Fix : Fixed output for listing website.

Jul 04, 2023 – Version

> Quick Fix : For listing stats

Jul 01, 2023 – Version

> Quick Fix : For front end PHP warning related to Listing Duration on My Account page.

Jun 28, 2023 – Version

> Quick Fix : Updated third party plugin(s) bundled.
> Quick Fix : Listing gallery upload issue for front end submission form.

Jun 24, 2023 – Version

> Quick fix : For Google Reviews integration.

Jun 24, 2023 – Version

> Quick fix : Heading video output for single listing pages.
> Quick fix : Canceled unwanted Woocommerce survey popup.
> Quick fix : Canceled unwanted Easy SMTP Wizard popup.
> Quick fix : Dequeued unwanted/duplicated Font Awesome and Select2 styles/scripts for third party plugins.

Jun 22, 2023 – Version 1.5.3

> Added : Built-in Recurring Payments. Create Listing Subscription Packages
> Added : New submission form field: Google Place ID, Google Reviews integration for listings
> Added : New submission form field: Header video for listings
> Added : Header video for front page (Youtube, Vimeo, .MP4) and varied options (start/end, play at, video speed, etc)
> Added : Theme Options / Videos menu
> Added : Background video option for listing term cards (Categories and Regions)
> Added : New submission form field: Listing Stats. Page visits and 10+ stats/click/counters for the listing owner
> Added : Animated watermark for listing cards (Theme Options / Effects menu)
> Added : Ajax pagination for reviews and comments
> Added : New design options for Regions
> Added : Form field option to enable/disable multiple terms selection for listing categories, regions and amenities
> Added : Page option to hide listing types menu on the front page
> Added : Secondary color for Customizer / Theme Color settings. Use two colors for the site.
> Added : New background color options for top bar: Primary color and Secondary color
> Added : Theme Options / Miscellaneous / Logo Slogan + Links
> Added : Try the new rounded top bar!
> Added : Options to modify the grid for Listing Categories widget. Example: have 3 cards on the first row and 4 for the following rows.
> Added : New post type: Partners
> Added : New widget: Partners
> Added : New widget: Tiny Call To Action
> Added : Customizable footer button for Features widget

> Fixed : Listing Submission form field translations (for Loco Translate)
> Fixed : Primary region for listing cards
> Fixed : Date field output
> Fixed : Issue between listing pricing widget and listing types
> Fixed : Front end image/gallery upload issues for WordPress 6.2.2.
> Fixed : Woocommerce thousand separator for pricing packages
> Fixed : CSS z-index issue for Phone/WhatsApp/Mobile field dropdowns
> Fixed : Custom placeholder issue for Phone/WhatsApp/Mobile fields
> Fixed : Listing gallery save/edit issue for WordPress 6.2.2.

> Improved : Recover password URL compatibility for third party plugins (specially plugins who will change the WP login page URL, like WPS Hide Login)
> Improved : Enabled quick Year and Month pickers for Datetime pickers (Event and Date fields)
> Improved : Post Save performance after editing the listing with the front end submission form. Edit is way faster!
> Improved : Better AIOSEO compatibility (regarding SEO options for Listing Categories, Regions Amenities and Types)
> Improved : Better Elementor PRO compatibility (Elementor columns vs sections/rows from Hubhood widgets)

Apr 08, 2023 – Version

> Quick Fix : For "Biographical Info" editor for Workers post type.

Mar 27, 2023 – Version 1.5.0

> Added: Listing Submission Form Builder. Create/customize submission forms for every listing type.
> Added: Drag/drop blocks for the listing content section.

> Added : New form fields: Timeline, Date and generic form fields (text input, select, checkboxes, textarea, etc).
> Added : Back end Team/Workers Manager for listings (beta). Currently, workers for a listing can be managed only with the WordPress editor (back end).
> Added : New widget: Workers.
> Added : New section for single listing: Our Team (Workers).
> Added : Profile Page for Workers and general Users.
> Added : Theme Options menu (and varied options): Workers.
> Added : Theme Options menu (and options): Search Types. Available now: Listings (default), Blog Articles, Workers and Woocommerce Products.
> Added : New theme option to rename the "Amenities" label. Also renameable while editing listing types.
> Added : Theme options menu (and varied options): Users.
> Added : New (optional) fields for user profile: Occupation, Title, Favorite Quote, About, Phone, WhatsApp, Country, State, City, Address, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube.

> Fixed : Issue with WP Mail SMTP.
> Fixed : Varied issues with Ajax requests, no more 403 error.
> Fixed : Events date picker issue for Firefox.
> Fixed : Other minor fixes.
> Fixed : Map tiles for WT Geo-Geo.

> Improved: Better compatibility with Autoptimize.
> Improved: Updated all Ajax request methods to use ajaxurl and wp_ajax, following WordPress core standards.
> Improved : Listing Type Builder.
> Improved : Listing Package Features were moved for the new Listing Type Builder. Please follow the documentation to update the listing packages (Woocommerce products) for every listing type, or, for the standard listing submission form.
> Improved : If available listing types and listing packages are now selectable before creating a listing with the WordPress back end editor.
> Improved : Listing Package Features (options) moved to the Listing Type Builder, please follow the documentation and adapt your current listing pricing packages (Woo products).

Oct 31, 2022 – Version 1.4.0

> Added : 7 new Front page header designs.
> Added : 40+ design variations for front page header categories!
> Added : A lot of Design variations for Front Page Header section: Combine these options to create unique designs. Available when editing the front page.
> Added : Real Estate as new predefined listing type.
> Added : Area, Rooms, Bathrooms and Toilets as new predefined fields for listing submission form.
> Added : Search filters for Rooms, Bathrooms and Toilets.
> Added : New option for pricing search filter: Min/Max Pricing Slider.
> Added : Unlimited Menu/catalog builder for listing submission form.
> Added : New design options for listing cards.
> Added : Front page header background gallery with animated mosaic design. Use from 2 until any amount of images, with varied grid options to choose.
> Added : Set a gallery of images to the front page header and 1 image per transition to create a slideshow for background.
> Added : Front end user geolocation reset and editor.
> Added : Upload field for flat icon image. Currently allowed for front page hero categories only.
> Added : Theme options to set the minimum header gallery height for listing pages.
> Added : Open/Closed Now as search filter.
> Added : Widget option to resize the heading icon.
> Added : New design option for listing regions.
> Added : Order by Best Rated option for Listings widget.
> Added : Listing widget option to limit the number of cards displayed.
> Added : Optional More Listings button for Listings widget.
> Added : Mapbox dark style, please ask us privately.
> Added : New search sorting options: Featured and Best Rated.
> Added : More options for Listings widget.
> Added : Regular Price as secondary pricing field. If filled, a percentagel discount will be displayed.
> Added : Use until three images for listing category cards.

> Improved : Customizer color settings for front page header background overlay: customize the background color, opacity, create a gradient with one or two colors.
> Improved : Front page header section for mobile devices.
> Improved : Varied design details for dark mode.
> Improved : Added left/right navigation for hero terms (categories and types).
> Improved : Structure of all listing card options for the new changes.

> Fixed : Issue with search filters and Nearest Me sorting.

> Quick Fix : Disabled the new Woocommerce navigation experience until better compatibility with Gutenberg standards.
> Quick Fix : Users not allowed to "publish" listings are allowed to "claim" listings.
> Quick Fix : For event date picker on Firefox.
> Quick Fix : For Hubhood integration with Otter Page Builder plugin.
> Quick Fix : For issue with user registration and password recovering.

Aug 16, 2022 – Version 1.3.2

> Quick Fix : Search texts not being considered while searching by Nearest Me.

Jul 31, 2022 – Version 1.3.1

> Smooth scroll: varied fixes to boost the page scrolling performance.

Jul 31, 2022 – Version 1.3.0

> Coming Soon: New theme previews to reflect the current changes and illustrate the usage of varied listing types on the same site.

> Added : Enabled unlimited listing types
> Added : New listing card designs
> Added : Customize search filters per listing type
> Added : Choose a card design per listing type
> Added : New listing grids for listing archive and search.
> Added : Design options (Theme options / Design)
> Added : Light and dark design
> Added : Fallback listing logo options for listing categories, listing type & theme options.
> Added : Option for secondary logo (light top bar)
> Added : Upload field for user avatar image (User menu / Edit Profile / Account Details)
> Added : New theme options to control related listings, give priority for what you want.
> Added : Category filter for Blog Posts widget
> Added : Listing type filter for Listings widget
> Added : New listing fields and listing content section: Features and Details (Other Details)
> Added : New listing fields and listing content section: Frequent Questions (FAQ)
> Added : Option to disable maps
> Added : Option to disable location address.
> Added : Listing type builder: Create unlimited listing types
> Added : Search filters builder: create specific search forms per listing type, drag & drop.
> Added : Price Range search filter ($$).
> Added : Min/Max Price search filter.
> Added : Events search filter.
> Added : These are the predefined listing types covered on this update: Places (default), Classifieds, Events

> Fixed : General listing term permalinks for Sitemap/SEO plugins, like YOAST and Rank Math.

> Improved : Better compatibility with Elementor Pro
> Improved : Better compatibility with YOAST and Rank Math
> Improved : Related listings algorithm
> Improved : Smart scroll equalization between content columns for single listing pages.

> Next Version: Predefined listing types and search fields for: Real Estate, Vehicles.

May 27, 2022 – Version 1.2.1

> Quick Fix : Issue with Cyrillic and other special characters.

May 25, 2022 – Version 1.2.0

> Added : Integration with Elementor.
> Added : Hubhood widgets for Elementor.
> Added : Front page demo made with Elementor.

May 24, 2022 – Version 1.0.3

> Quick Fix : Updated translatable strings. Use "Sync" button on Loco to update the list of strings.

May 19, 2022 – Version 1.0.2

> Added : Listing packages / Paid listings built-in.
> Added : New widget for Listing Regions
> Added : 9 design options for Listing Regions widget
> Added : New design option for Features widget.
> Added : Button to shrink header texts on listing pages

May 17, 2022 – Version 1.0

> Initial release


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