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Ncmaz – NextJs Headless WordPress Blog News Magazine is a JamStack website
that will turn your boring WordPress site into a great NextJs website.

You still administer your site using the WordPress dashboard,
but your users will read articles and experience user interaction on the site built by NextJs 13.
NextJs provides fast page loading speed, great SEO, and interactive features that will help your users have a great experience.

Technology highlights make people fascinated

  • Fast page loading speed.
  • SEO Friendly.
  • WordPress CMS/Gutenberg blocks.
  • Save posts, Favorite posts.
  • Listen to podcasts/audio and preview videos right on the blog card. Slider gallery right on blog card.
  • Front-end Submission/Edit post.
  • Front-end Manage/Edit user profile.
  • Comment quickly immediately.
  • And more…

Also, the website is designed with stunning and modern UI.

Ncmaz – Nextjs Headless WordPress includes 2 part projects.
Part 1 is Front-end which is the Nextjs project that will run on the client side (Frontend site).
Part 2 is a WordPress plugin that builds database features on your WordPress site.
So you don’t have to be a developer to use the template.
Just install the plugin to your WordPress then upload the Ncmaz project to Vercel along with a few more settings about environment variables. You can experience your website right away.

You can read the documentation here to quickly understand the usage process –

“More cool things are waiting for you, Just click on the preview and you can experience our demo site.”

Technology highlights

Ncmaz faust features

Listen to podcasts/audio and preview videos right on the blog card. Slider gallery right on blog card

Ncmaz Faust features

Comment quickly immediately

Ncmaz faust features comment

Front-end Manage/Create/Update/Delete posts

Ncmaz faust features 2 posts

Front-end Manage user profile

Ncmaz faust features 3 user

Front-end Submission/Edit post

Ncmaz faust features 4 submission

Key Features

  • 6+ Home Pages Demo
  • 7+ Single page style
  • Next.js v13.4
  • RTL supported
  • * _
  • Save posts, Favotire posts
  • Live listen to podcast
  • Live preview video on post-card
  • Gallery on post-card
  • Front-end submission post
  • Frontend manager/edit profile
  • Frontend manager/edit/delete your posts
  • Login, Registration feature
  • *_
  • Built on the latest Tailwindcss v3.x
  • Dark and Light version
  • Built with Faustjs Nextjs Typescript
  • React HeadlessUI components
  • React v18.x
  • Typescript latest
  • Interactive and functional components and pages
  • Mordern Seach, archive and Single pages
  • Heroicons svg

In The Box

  • Full source code of the project and WordPress plugin
  • All React component files
  • All plugins & libraries
  • Documentation


Sources And Credits

Fonts Used in the template are Google fonts, you can find them on
Google Fonts API

  1. Fonts Used are :

    • Poppins
  2. Icons Used are :

    • line-awesome-1.3.0
    • heroicons (icon svg)
  3. Images, vectors :




Need support? Through us an email at
[email protected]

We are always here to help with any problem you may have


All images are used for Preview purposes only.
They are not part of the template and are NOT included in the final
purchase files.


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